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All of us can identify things we would like to change, and goals we would like to achieve. However, we also realise that putting these plans into action is not quite so simple. This test will help you measure your ability to achieve your health goals on your own.

Health goals involve changing your lifestyle, your eating habits, etc. Some people like change, some people don't. Which side do you stand on?

When it comes to health goals, you need a plan - what you want to achieve, how you're going to do it, and by when. What type of planner are you?

The health goals you set for yourself are usually:

When you're trying to make a change in your life its good to have support. Do you have friends and family members to rely on when you need a nudge or push?

When it comes to discipline, what describes you best?

Off the top of your head, can you name 3 things that motivate you - to work hard, be a better person, etc.?

Why do you want to have health goals?

The first week of your changed life goes pretty well. You avoid junk and sugary food…until you are forced to spend long hours at work. The tasty food from the pantry is luring you.

You and a friend decide to start eating better. The problem is, you're comparatively more disciplined. At your friend's birthday a couple of weeks after your joint resolution, your friend decides to go on a high calorie binge. You, however, have set your eyes upon something leaner and healthier. Upon hearing your choice, your friend, instead of praising your discipline, gives you a huge guilt trip for being so stuck up. What do you do?

You decide to invite some friends to sign up with you at a gym. You're going to be fit and lean. Unfortunately, no one wants to join with you. What do you do?

Your trainer guarantees that by spending an hour 5 times a week on his routine, you will be in good shape in no time. He spends the first week helping you with your routine, and then leaves you on your own. After the first week, you are sore and demotivated. How does the next week on your own proceed?

Your stress level and blood pressure have gone bonkers. Your doctor urges you to start relaxing more. How do you respond to these orders?

You know that you need at least 7 hours of sleep a night to function, but work, family and chores have stretched your bedtime to nearly midnight or later. It's exhausting. As you promise to yourself to go to bed earlier, your family decides to start a new "late night movie" trend few times a week. What do you do?

You've decided - that's it. That bad habit you have, late-night eating, has to stop. On day two of your resolution, your friends invite you out to your usual, local haunt...a place that has always been a "trigger" for your habit. How do you respond?

After watching a documentary on Alzheimer's disease, you resolve to keep your mind sharp well into your 80s and 90s. What do you do?