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Debunking popular nutrition myths

Have you been taking detox diets and feeling hungrier than ever? Are you stocking up on protein bars and other nutritious foods? And have you completely given up on your favorite food because they are storehouses of demons like carbs and gluten?

Well, we ain’t saying that you are on the wrong path to weight loss, however, you might want to consider a different line of thought here. Nutrition foods are very popular amongst health enthusiasts right now. But the power of some nutrition foods and healthy eating has been exaggerated like the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle.

An often word-of-mouth myth may delay your weight loss journey and you may think giving up. So don’t worry about going bonkers with your diet.  Here we are debunking some popular nutrition myths.

Fats are demons

The myth: Give up fats and the pounds will melt away.

Fats are always seen as demons blocking our path to weight loss and wreaking havoc on our waistline.  However, they are essential macronutrients that serve both structural and metabolic functions. They are an important part of our diet. However, fats are high in calories in comparison to proteins and carbs. Hence, you need to consume fats in small amounts. Also, it is always better to include healthier fats like olives and nuts in your diet.

Gluten is evil

The myth: A gluten-free diet aids weight loss

To begin with gluten is a generic term for proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten free diets are created for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. But these days, most people are joining the “go gluten free” brigade. It is spreading like an epidemic. Hold on folks! Gluten free diets aren’t weight loss programs. So while you can try cutting down on gluten products, giving them up completely is a bad idea.

Carbs are enemies

The myth: Stay away from carbs if you want to lose those few inches

For many, cutting carbs is the solution to a quicker weight loss program. Some say that any carbs you chow post 6 pm start showing up on your waist. But the truth is that carbs control our hunger pangs. So if you give up on carbs completely you might end up eating more and gain a few inches instead of losing them.

Juice cleanses are magic

The myth: Going on a juice diet will cleanse your body

Juice cleanses and detox diets are a rage these days. It’s like de-cluttering your closet so that you can start afresh. But let me warn you, weight loss is a process and you can’t fast-forward it. Our bodies already have inbuilt cleansing systems- kidneys, lungs, spleen. These organs work to flush out the toxins from our body. Moreover, juice cleansers are a trap. They set you up for weight loss once you go off them as they lead to just water and muscle loss.

Protein bars are best

Myth: It is okay to replace food with protein bars for they are nutritious

Protein bars are a quicker substitute for nutrition foods as they are convenient- you can throw them in your bags and carry them wherever you want. You can snack on them on the go. While their packaging may be filled with nutritional facts that brand them as healthy, have you ever wondered if they are actually healthy?

 Most protein bars are high in sugar content as high as candy bars which means loads and loads of calories.  You should opt for brands that list grains and not sugar as the main content. They may prove beneficial in dire situations as you cannot replace whole food with nutrition bars.

Now, that we’ve busted some popular beliefs, take a deep breath, and work towards a smarter nutrition plan that will help you burn calories the right way.