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Act your Age – Biological Age Explained.

Our birthdays – they come once a year, are a great excuse for cake and a reminder of our age. Well, one half of our age – the chronological half. There’s another age we need to be cognizant of – our biological age.

The age that we’re used to – our chronological age – can be defined as the stretch of your life from birth to current date. It’s the answer to the common (and mostly annoying) question – how old are you? It’s dependent on a single fact – the date you were born. Biological age is a little more complex than that – it’s based on what’s happening inside your body. It is one way to interpret our health as well as the healthy lifestyle choices we make (or avoid). So, you could be a 35 year old man chronologically, but if you’ve spent the last 15 years indulging your French fry craving, indulging in a number of vices, staying up all night and dealing with Monday morning stress at work, chances are your biological age can exceed your chronological age. Unfortunately, your body might be ageing faster than you are. And it could be the result of substituting a healthy lifestyle for a more convenient one. (The ghost of French fries come back to haunt us).

To put it in scientific terms, biological age can be defined as how our body’s tissues, organs and systems age.

Now, how do you find out your biological age? It’s not a simple calculation like chronological age. Finding out your biological age is an evaluation of healthy lifestyle routine – this can include important choices that you make. For e.g. – what is your daily nutrition like? Are you eating the appropriate amounts of grains, protein, fruits and raw vegetables? Or for instance, how many glasses of water do you drink. (Tip: at least 2 litres, or 8 ounce glasses of water.)  Do you have too much salty or sweet food?

Secondly, take a look at your extracurricular activities – how many times do you go out for a drink or two (or more)? What about exercise? Research states that you need to do a minimum of 25 minutes of exercise, 5 times a week (this may vary in terms of the intensity of your workout).

Thirdly, let’s talk history – your medical history. Sometimes, despite the energy you put into a healthy life and fitness, you might have some genetic predispositions to medical conditions – diabetes, heart disease, depression or cancer.

And finally, how do you handle life as it comes at you? What do you do to cope with stress? Do you meditate? How long do you stare at your phone / laptop / TV screen?

In one sense, finding our your biological age is to look at your life through a holistic lens – from habits, to your weight to the amount of wine you need at the end of a very, very stressful day. And finding out your biological age can often be a clear indication that some things might need to change, or that it’s high time to make some health life choices. It is an opportunity to make a fresh, healthy and happy start.

So where can you access this biological age test? Well, look no further than your favorite healthy lifestyle app – Jollywell. We not only provide you with a test to determine your biological age, but we also help facilitate the changes in your life that you need to make, based on the result. Download the app now!