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Happy Soul and Happy Body: Way to a happy life

You exercise daily and indulge in healthy eating so that you can keep your body fit and healthy. However, you may forget to pay attention to your mental health.

We often forget that our minds and body are connected to each other. Therefore, if we have a healthy mind, we will have a healthy body. Now, what is a healthy mind? A healthy mind is one that is calm and stress-free- a happy mind!

So is it safe to say that health and happiness go hand in hand? Totally! In our mundane lives, we often end up working all day, eating too little, and neglecting sleep. To add to it, most of us are stressed all the time with meeting deadlines and trying to find a balance between professional and personal life. So, stress leads to unhappiness, which increases our chances of attracting physical illness, which, in turn, makes us lose our calm.

Therefore, it is advisable that we stay stress-free so that we have a healthy body which in turn will lead to a happy life.

Still pondering over the happy mind, happy body connection? Here’s how a healthy, happy mind leads to a healthy, happy body:

Fights diseases:

That’s pretty simple! When you are happy, you tend to work towards keeping your body fit. You combat all the things that trouble our bodies. You start adopting all the good habits and take up a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your body healthy. Also, people who have been suffering from illnesses tend to seek faster recovery after being happy.

Boosts immunity:

When you have positive thoughts and a happy mind, you tend to fight foreign infections in an efficient manner. When you are happy, your brain releases happy hormones (say hello to endorphins) which boost the immunity of your body. In short, people who stay happy are less likely to suffer from any illnesses.

Keeps the heart healthy:

The flow of happy emotions avoids heart stroke, anxiety, and improves the flow of blood. People who are stressed are more susceptible to heart diseases than usual being.


A happy mind is a key to a longer life. A happy brain builds resilience in your body as you age which helps you fight illnesses.

Now that we have established a strong connection between a happy mind and a happy body, it brings us to our next question. How do you keep your mind happy?

Our minds often ping pongs all over. It takes everything seriously when we are annoyed, overthinks small issues, and fills itself with things it shouldn’t worry about. However, it is not very difficult to lead our mind on the path to happiness.

Here are some steps to achieve a happy mind:


Now the thought of being still for more than a moment can be difficult. But meditation has a profound effect on our mental health. By meditating you give your mind time to clear and reformat itself before it processes new information.

Eat healthily

You know that healthy eating has a positive impact on your body but it also affects your mental health. Foods and drinks that you consume also affect your mind. Therefore it is important that you introduce healthy foods into your daily diet.

Indulge in a hobby

Your time is mostly taken up by the pressures of work that you often forget to do what you love. Maybe you love to paint, maybe you’ve wanted to learn a new instrument or you may be, you just want to have an amazing indoor garden. Taking out some time for yourself will help you cope with stress and make you feel much better.

Surround yourself with happy people

There’s value to surrounding yourself with people who can lift their own spirits for they can probably lift yours too. Also, when you spend time around happy people, you tend to see the world differently- in a more positive manner.

Seek happiness within

Yes, try seeking happiness within. Take a deep breath and think of all the happy moments in your life- small joys you find in your day-to-day life. Stay away from all the negative thoughts that keep crawling into your brain.

Think of it as background music. Now imagine those tunes being like those of a horror movie. All you will feel is grueling tension throughout the day. Similarly, if the soundtrack is a happy one, you will feel stress-free and happy all day long.

We know that it can be difficult to keep our mind happy every time and this is where Habit Coach comes to our rescue. It helps you find all the motivation and optimism to cultivate a happy mind, a happy body, and a happy life.