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Category: Mental Health

Mind Matters

You take a tablet when you have a fever, you soothe a strained throat with warm soup and when you pull a muscle you apply a hot water bag – there are plenty of instances where you take care of your body. What’s not given so much attention is your mental health. Taking care of...
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Mental Health – A Crying Shame

Growing up, we’re told to be strong. To never complain. To do our duty. Our parents have raised us to be self-sufficient in a difficult world. And so we are. We swallow down our anger, we push down our feelings and we put one step in front of the other. Yes, we think. This is...
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Happy Soul and Happy Body: Way to a happy life

You exercise daily and indulge in healthy eating so that you can keep your body fit and healthy. However, you may forget to pay attention to your mental health. We often forget that our minds and body are connected to each other. Therefore, if we have a healthy mind, we will have a healthy body....
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Compassion, Care & Chicken Soup

There are so many things that people celebrate your life. You are envied by the number of friends you have. The number of trips you’ve taken this year, the stunning success that you’ve achieved in your career, a healthy relationship with a partner or spouse. By the world’s standards, you can seem incredibly successful –...
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