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We are on a mission to help people

make better choices every day.

Our Health is not defined by our genes

Most of us believe that the story of our health is scripted in our genes. That disease is inevitable and we have to enjoy good health while it lasts. That enjoying good health means doing all those things disease would snatch from us tomorrow.

It is this erroneous belief that guides the choices we make. Yes, we are making choices: but the kind of choices that hurtle us toward chronic disease.

Our body has a natural means to keep itself in healthy balance. Disease occurs when that balance is disturbed. As much as genetic factors, our lifestyle and health behaviours disturb the balance, and over time, trigger chronic disease. For example, type-2 diabetes can occur in people who have no family history of the disease but whose lifestyle and health behaviours put continuous stress on the body’s natural balance.

To restore the balance, most of us turn to medicine. But modern medicine has us believe that chronic disease can only be managed, not cured. To manage disease, it uses toxic drugs and medical procedures that relieve symptoms but damage our body in the long run. All this makes us feel powerless. The diagnosis of a chronic disease leaves us in despair. We soon begin to believe the disease will be a life long problem—a thought that often leads to depression. And most of us become dependent on drugs and procedures.

It’s defined by our choices.

It all begins with a belief that we have the power to choose health over disease. We can make better choices: eat right, move more, and live mindfully—become aware of our environment and of our need to eliminate toxins where we can, and find ways to reduce stress in our daily lives.

Making these choices is not easy, but neither is it difficult. The good news is more and more people are recognising choices as the way to take health back in their hands.

We want to help them extend their health span - the period of time they are free of disease - by making better choices every day.