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Lean Fuel Protein Powder enriched with Superfoods

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Glow Young Antioxidant Capsules

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All our products are 100% natural supplements thus safe to consume.
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Slide Be Fighting Fit SELF DEFENCE Self Defence has strong anti-inflammatory properties, supports the body’s proper response to everyday joint stress, supports heart health and helps reduce pain. Slide Wake Up Fresh SOUND SLEEP A plant-based way to help enhance sleep quality, Sound Sleep is an effective and natural alternative to chemical melatonin based sleep supplements and sleeping pills. Slide Skin Care From Within SKIN SHINE Skin Shine boosts skin health and vitality by supporting the body’s natural response to inflammation. Keeps skin hydrated, and supple. Slide For Your Eyes Only HAPPY EYES Powered by natural antioxidants that protect your eyes, Happy Eyes fights age-related damage and prevents dry eyes caused by increased screen-time. It’s the best food for your eyes. Slide Feel It In Your Bones BONE VITA With pure and natural dietary factors extracted from plants, Bone Vita supports and maintains bone mass and has several powerful minerals that strengthen bones. Slide Relieve Stress and Anxiety KEEP CALM Keep Calm greatly affects the ability to relax by supporting mental and physical stress relief, helping relieve anxiety, and encouraging a calm mood. Slide Here Comes The Sun SUN LIGHT Sun Light helps regulate the absorption of calcium, maintains healthy phosphorus levels in the blood, improves bone health, helps in combating depression, and protects against getting the flu. Slide Restore Hormonal Balance EVER GREEN Ever Green helps stabilise the hormonal imbalances caused by new-age stressors like processed foods, chemical exposure, long sedentary hours, persistent stress, and artificial light. Slide Good Health Begins Here HAPPY GUT An extensive mix of good bacteria, Happy Gut promotes better digestive health, immune function, mood balance, hair & skin health, and disease fighting ability. Slide Healthy Hair, Naturally HAIR WAVES Hair waves is a well balanced mix of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, plus vitamins B-7 (thiamine), and B-12 (cobalamin) from natural sources, for a beautiful healthy head of hair.